Monday, August 21, 2006


We have now played two more sessions of Tommi's Crossbow Wedding: The Fallout adventure. Intrique and investigations seem not to be among our groups fortes and without some dubiously easily appeared help from our friend Carain (a persian restaurant entrepreneur we rescued while sailing the seas beyond the Pillars of Heracles) we would not have made any proggress at all.

Even now I'm not entirely convinced we are on the right track. We are chasing the past of the False Sonja and it may be too time consuming course of action. As there is only one month before the final trial and the journey to White Hill and back will take most of that time. But we do not have the luxury of many leads so at least this is doing something.

My freetime has lately been mostly consumed by the little fella. He is learning nicely and is a lot more intelligent than the size of his head would suggest. If I'm not going to make too grave mistakes, I think he'll grow to be a fine dog. I have some aspirations of learning him how to follow a blood trail, maybe do some formal obediance training and maybe training him Agility as well. The blood trail I think would be especially interesting as it would require me too to move in the woods more.

Today we'll go to meet the others of his litter to the breeder. It will be nice to see how the other puppies have proggressed.

On Saturday we had a nice evenig at the Tuira Beach. We played board games (Bang! and Samurai) and Mölkky game (very) loosely based on an old ugrian game called Kyykkä. It turned out (surprising all of us because we have played together before) that Jenni and Hanne are in the same school. After we ran out of booze we went to a local watering hole / pizzeria. I managed to constraint myself on singing karaoke, but the beer was cheap.

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