Friday, September 22, 2006

Oops He Did It Again & Anticlimax in Brewery

Day before yesterday we played some RQ. You might remember that there was a tingling cliffhanger to be reconciled. It was and now we have a bleedin time travel paradox on our hands. Made the old brain pan hurt, it did. It certainly was very surprising to be plunged into the future, but wait! There's more! We met Lydia, whom we thought to have died in the past of the past... ermmm ... Damn quantum leaping! Anyway, met as in trying to kill savagely. And, you may have guessed but I did not, thus came yet another cliffhanger. The session ended there. Tommi certainly has internalized the Golden Rule of Sequels: "Keep them thirsty babeee! Keep 'em thirsty! They'll beg for more! Beg I say!" I was all like WTF!!!! and OMG!!!111eleven!!1.

While entertaining these new style of plots Tommi is using are more in the genre of Sword Opera than the old gritty Fantasy Realism. I think the change is for the benefit to our gaming experience, but requires careful dosing. In excess this spice might spoil the broth, in the vein of "Been there, done that, don't care."

Yesterday was my turn. The session was riddled with technical difficulties originating from the webcam we tried to use. It was of limited usefulness anyway and I think I will not be using it anymore. The old password - named web map will have to suffice. Writing that one up as a failed technical experiment. Also, Jari was not able to participate from the beginning due to him failing to complete the necessary government negotiations in advance. But that was all OK in the end.

How did I fare then? Remember that last week I thought that: "Kunnian Miehiä could be a nice, tight and immersive investigative scenario, with some prior roleplayingg (if the players are wise). This means that I should go for mood in my descriptions and stress the 1st person view. The mystery angle should also be stressed."

No. It did not happen. The players took the straight and hard road and opted not to investigate in advance. Because of this they neglected to take advantage of the sewer system as a entry point and because of that Jekaterina searched the brewery single-handedly, while Bert and Eckie sat outside.Becausee of this I ran the brewery part on fast forward, so no 1st personanglee and mood descriptions for me.

The traps worked wonders. That is: exactly as I thought they would. Hiding the traps in familiar things already harmlessly encountered before (Stack of boxes and the metallic door) proved very effective and the pacing of the traps was so distracting that the players forgot their prior intentions of searching the place thoroughly.

I do not know how fun they were to play.Probablyy not very. I'm counting on the fortitude of the grand plot here. Will the clues given in this session be enough to keep up the interest remains to be seen. Certainly not one of my best, this one.

Having some troubles with the tender-eared neighbors. They are claiming that the little fella barks at daytime and have complained to the house manager. I installed a voice activated recording software so the truthfulness of their complaints remains to be seen. Our strategy is to snare them for lying and presenting the evidence to the administrative board.

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