Monday, September 11, 2006

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Was

In preceeding blog entry I visited the importance on finding a suitable style of play for a given story conflict. So, after having opened my big mouth I feel compelled to apply my grandiose assumptions to my own RPG - sessions.

In the following WFRP session the players have a choise: either they can choose to play Kunnian Miehiä (of which Verivelka will be an optional part) or Edistysklubi and if they do not go for any of these, Pyhättö will be played. So, in which style should these be played?

Kunnian Miehiä could be a nice, tight and immersive investigave scenario, with some prior roleplaying (if the players are wise). This means that I should go for mood in my descriptions and stress the 1st person view. The mystery angle should also be stressed.

Edistysklubi is mainly intrigue based, so this calls for extensive contact with NPC's. Here the style allows for a good deal of roleplaying, so I must present the NPC's in a dramatic way but let room for the PC's actions and reactions to them. I could let this be a bit more freeform so that the PC's have time to deal with the city and explore it. So I should reward the PC's if they show signs of curiosity or initiative. This scenario also calls forward a bunch of pregenerated burghers, etc. so that the interactions can be more interesting. Maybe some props are needed too, now that I think of it.

Pyhättö conversely requires a more tactical approach. So here I should maybe pregenerate some maps and sitreps so that my actions can better express the fog of war.

So, I'll let you know how things went after we have played. Thinking this through provided some surprised, as I thought that I already was well prepared to run these adventures. It appears that I was not.

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