Friday, December 29, 2006

Some Plans

Christmas was nice. I and Hanne spent it with our dogs and had a blast with the Footrot Flat's DVD I procured for Hanne. I got some very nice books, wifey knows me far too well... Namely a book on military blunders by Geoffrey Regan, another one being an illuminated journal by major Faber du Faur on Napoleons 1812 expedition and third a well written book on the bliss of owning a second hand personal car by Kari Kyrönseppä. On Boxing day we visited Hanne's parents and I got to show off with my (rusty) computer skills as my father in law had bought a new computer.

The New Year is coming and, with it, so are the New Years resolutions. I've never been too big on them, propably because I know myself too well, and thus am well versed on the fact that I generally speaking have the persistency of an amoeba. Anyway, there are two promises, I'd like to keep: firstly taking the technique course in swimming and second, keep on hitting the gym. We'll see...

Tomorrow we'll drive to north, and visit my parents and my sister. I just hope that the weather is not too bad, the driving will be slow and painful in that case.

Today we go to see The Illusionist. I honestly have no clue as to whether it is a crap movie or a nice movie, but atleast it will be a change of pace in the present state of gluttony and doing nothing.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Where's the Fun in My Campaign

I've been hitting my head against a brick wall in my WFRP campaign. By accident and foggy thinking (which, byt the way, is a bit of a trademark of mine... said he smuggly... and then hesitated... because that's not good... right?) and not just out of spite, but "Brick wall, meet mr. Forehead. Repetitively.", nevertheless.

It's all fine and dandy to read about nice GMing techniques, immersionism, narrativism, Forge Style, and even then to try to apply them in practice. BUT, it's not so good old f. & d. anymore if you do not know where you are now and from where are coming from. "Were's yo roots, bro?" - type of questions are not obsolete and gone with the dreary old winds of the Time, you dig? And that's just because the old dull realities of bad engineering, too. Do not fix it if it's broken, you see? Do not f*ck with it, if ya don't havta, remember?

"Now where's this all coming from?", asks the imagined reader. "Has mr. Daadidaa lost his marbles, so to speak?", inquires he. "Is mr. Daadidaa, in reality, embarking on a Cuckoo-Cuckoo train journey to the Jolly Old Rivers of Psyche?", he demands to know. "Am I, in fact, reading a blog by some species of Raving Lunatic?", he suggests in slightly alarmed state of mind.

We can now let the imagined reader to regain his composure and set his exitable mind to peace, as we can assure him that there is a perfectly valid reason to the line of questioning brought forward by Undersigned in the previous paragraph. And it is readable here, written in plain old Finnish by the honorable Humppa Papan Tappaa. (You cannot read Finnish, you say? And you are calling me a Raving Lunatic? Bhah! Oh the sweet embrace of Irony! Surely, I say!)

So, basically the point is: if we all enjoy playing good old fashioned simulationist challenge playing with an occasional flavor bit thrown into it, why try to change it to narrativism or immersionism? The tries to do so have not really been stellar successes, have they? So my new motto should be: put the effort where the fun is, i.e. create fun challenges before sessions and referee them in fair manner during the session.

I changed my campaign web site a bit. I'm actually quite proud how it turned out. It's ugly, yeas, but tailored to fit my campaign needs and all the relevant info should be readily available to my players now.

Now It's really Long Time No Blog

So, I'm not going to go for an extensive update, but instead just chime in to say: It's almost Christmas, the little fella's health problems are over and the WFRP campaign is proggressing nicely.