Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Me and My Career

Now it's official. I'm resigning here and moving to another company. It'll be a great challenge. Woot! And, no more of this shit. Yay!

Boss was a bit flabbergasted, he propably thought that I was already too institutionalized to switch. Neener-neener-nee to him!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Eluding scent of succes

Today at rehearsals I for the first time go a glimpse of what the play can be if it succeeds. I must say that this play has the most potential of those I've been a part of. This might actually be good, a a play that I'd like to see myself. I just hope sincerely I do not let Sanna & EK down. I want to succeed really bad this time.

This is also a new kind of play for me because I'm waaay way out of my comfort zone: I have to dance. And not just good old waltz, this time I have to to do a small bit of modern, descriptive dancing. I'm absolutely horrified, I must say to my great gratification. I actually like to be in it, neck-deep.

Petrified Net Habits Syndrome

Have you noticed that internet has lately gone 'meh'? There is none of that sweet exciting stuff on anymore, it's all forcedly funny pics'n'vids now. The age of innocence has died for me as the good ol' forums, sites and, well, places I used to frequent have started to repeat themselves. Plus, I have not found any new exciting pastures to graze on. So what's the new *the* of the 'net? Are there some specially interesting blogs? Should I get a Facebook account and hand over all the immaterial right to my persona to some faceless corporation? Tell me! Link me! Excite me!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Omg! "Nothing" to do!

Today I do not have anything to do or anyplace to go and same goes for Hanne too. Great! We'll maybe at last able to do some insulating on the stable and finish the frost insulation for the house. AND, make the insides look a bit less like a construction site it has been.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Im in there again, deep...

Just got home from Tabu's first full blown rehearsal. Quite a ride. It was not as controversial as I had suspected, but at the same time my role is much more difficult than I had anticipated. Definitely an interesting play, and one where I face greater challenge than ever before. With just three actors even a small role needs much more craftsmanship and thought but principally feeling behind it, if it is ever going to fly.

Tomorrow is next rehearsal, well before I can go through what I learned from today. I expect it to get a bit rough as my feeble brain can only take so much in per a period of time. Phew.

Monday, October 22, 2007

One more thing...

Me and Missus have had a terrible cold for over a week now. We both have had to skip work days and actually Hanne is too sick to work today too. Probably same goes for me also, but a) I've grown tired of being at home not being able to further the renovations and b) I'm a bit overly careful in taking advantage of the de facto firm policy of 3 sick leave days wih out a written certificate from doctor. So I made an doctors appointment for tomorrow, and if I'm still feeling lousy, I think that I'll get a couple of days off.

Well, one reason for the prolonged condition may be the fact that we were at Vesa-Matti Loiri's concert last Saturday. It was a very nice concert, the man can really entertain. He sang mostly older and newer Finnish Rock evergreens, or his own renderings of them, which were much better than the originals, I might say. The band was superb, the most skillful players I've ever seen live.


I've enlisted to a Teatteri Kosmos production of Timo K. Mukka's Tabu. I'll be playing the part of Cantor Malmström, a kindhearted elderly man of the religion. This seems to be a bit different show compared to the ones I have done before, as there will be only three actors and quite a bit of physical theatre, dancing and music.

I really hope that I can squeeze meself enough that this role will be honest and true. Not necessarily realistic-looking but true in the fundamental human level. I know it will be a challenge, but I'm going to try my best. If I do not succeed this time, there really is no future in the stages for me.

Some update

I've whined before that we do not get to play enough RPG's. Okay, now it has been a REALLY long time with no playing. It has been mostly due to the fact that our home renovation project has grown into a greedy monster that gobbles supplies, money and especially time and nerves. So I have not had any time to prepare anything or even run it. And, quite frankly, we and the missus have been so fed up & tired with all this that I would not have had the strength to prepare for the sessions anyway. Plus there is the nasty routine business of updating the character sheets and the website.

Now we are hoping that we can lay the renovation aside for this winter, right after we have the floor for the toilet and some temporary kitchen facilities. But of course after that we have to insulate our temporary stables (built in the large fodder barn) and build paddock that's suitable for winter use. (As during winter our electric fence is going to be like the goggles that do nothing..)

Soo... long story short, some day soon(ish) there will be a time when we can play RPG's, organise the house warming party et cetera. At least so I hope. It seems that there will be work enough anyway.

So, someday when we will have an opportunity to play, wha... whe... how we're going to do it? I actually surveyed the groups preferences a while ago (when still I thought that some day soon would have been the end of last month.. ) and continuing our WFRP campaign got the most votes. I personally grew a bit weary of that campaign when we played, but now I again feel the urge to continue that story. And maybe experiment with something new - technique wise, that is.

BTW, I purchased a cross country skiing set from my workplaces flea market. It cost me 25 euros, plenty enough considering the fact that I likely will never use them. They are as good for intending to ski as any set.