Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

It looks like it might finally start to chill enough that a proper winter might ensue. Yay for it and my 20 euro cross country skis! It has been a dark winter so far with temperature hugging zero from both sides and snow having gone extinct. Now it is minus 10 degrees centigrade and there is itty bitty amount of snow to be seen.

Holidays were spent cosily and peacefully here on our own place, although on New Years Eve we had some hair rising moments when it seemed that a hay bale we had for a bonfire might send some rather unwanted sparks to the barn and to our 150 year old shed. Also our fireworks were the bestest in the village and my Rocket Station 1 (of the sewage tubing, paint bucket and duct tape fame) was a stellar success albeit the rate of fire was rather modest due to there being only one firing tube.

For Christmas I received a book that tells about that parth of Crimean War where English & French fleets destroyed Bomarsund and held Russian Baltic Fleet captive in Cronstadt (in Finnish the "Oolannin Sota"). It is a very good book and I enjoyed it immensely. It seems to be that kind of book that you can read many times. Thank you, Missus!

Now that I have some free time again (the shows for Tabu, that was less than a stellar success despite the great potential are now over, but more on that later), I have started to contemplate on doing some games mastering again. We had a short but tasty adventure of Tommi's own brand of Runequest and plan to have some more very soon, but I think that during the latter half of winter there might be ample opportunities for a short campaign of my own.

I am slowly beginning to appreciate more and more the old style of RPG where all of the group sit around the same table. Partly that is because there might be a potential candidate here in oulu to fill a gap in our group otherwise filled with a tele member. For a larger part it is because frankly the tele sessions just are not the same. There is something that just does not mediate well over pure sound connection. Or, it might just be the hassle with maps & hand-outs. Nevertheless, I am starting to feel that unles there is some hefty reason for teleplaying (as is the monumental, decades spanning campaign history with Tommi's RQ, or the lack of local players before on my campaigns) it should be avoided.

Well, but on these grounds there are complications to mastering a game again. You see, I am not exactly sure what is the proper etiquette in these matters. It sure does not feel right to kick out our tele member and continue on same campaign with partlythe same characters and new players. Would make me feel a bit mr. Stinky, that one. On the other hand I really have grown a bit weary of all the hassle in tele play. Eventually, there might not be a choise other than play something else altogether to be found, which is a shame as there have been some good moments in my old campaigns of Twilight and Warhammer Roleplaying.

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