Sunday, April 4, 2010

At it again

It seems that I only blog when I'm about host gaming sessions. Don't know why, but somehow the process of making preparations for a campaing makes me wanna jot down my thoughts somewhere. And, as I really am not a diary type of guy, here I am.

So, what are we gonna be playing? Well, it's Back to Roots Time with Twilight 2013! I have very fond memories of an ancient Twilight 2000 campaign I played in back at home village and almost as fond memories of some campaigns I've refereed since.

So why go back at it? With 2013 version the gaming system has been thoroughly revamped and I'm really excited to see how it plays. I have a hunch that it will produce 'realistic' effects (as seen in youtube via the recent televised wars), even when players are just trying to munchinize the heck out of it.

That's why I gave my players a bit of a free reign in character creation apart from that they are roughly the same age and belong to the same unit. And that is why I'm not going to demand detailed backstories or bitch about Real Roleplaying (as I've been know to do). I'm putting that burden on the system now. From what I've seen, the system will encourage the players to behave like real american soldiers we have read about in Generation Kill!, reports on the Afghanistan battles et alii, and really reproduce the whole setup of superior equipment and marksmanship versus an invicible, elusive enemy. The tick system, by the way, is ripped almost straight from Jagged Alliance.

One thing I would like to see is how well the team rules will work. You see, how it works is that it gives the PC's bonuses when they are part of the team and working towards team orders. It also has a concept of Reaction Drills (Do YOU hear the words Counter Ambush Drill? Well you should if you are playing on my campaign!). But, anyway, this looks like a nice mechanic to represent the fact we have learned in our professional lives that a well led team with piss-poor skills regularly outperforms an anarchy of superlative talent. Alas, it seems that none of my players have yet made a leader type character, so we'll see if wee really see this at the game table.

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