Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Abjudication for GW and Other Maddness

Phew, it's been a long time. Let's try this again, shall we?

When I look at my past blogginses, I see that at that phase I was a blabbering GW fanboy. After that phase there have been other phases such as: "GW!! You Money-Gorging, Blueballing Vampiric Bitch!!", "GW And I are separated but still friends", "GW, WTF??", "GW, you are but a meh'siah to me" and the present one of "GW, you suck. But in feels kinda nice in my junk."

So, at present I am playing with my drunk viking spess mehreens again, but mainly only due to Toni's brilliant campaign. You see, I've discovered that I really do not care very much about the 'tactical' in tactical war games (maybe because I suck at it or maybe I suck at it because I do not care, cannot know), but I like the crafting, fabricating and enacting a nice solid story. Don't get me wrong, I like winning, but apparently not enough that I would be arsed to be careful enough to not make globvious huge fucking mistakes. No, really. Most of the time I know what I did wrong or what rules I forgot just seconds after the fact.

The same goes with board games too. As I've blogged earlier, I really only like games where the winning mechanic is hidden and you have to go by the feel of your seat. This means I hatehatehate! games like Chess or Samurai. However, there has to be a mechanic, it just must be such that you must trust your intuition and experience and not pure logic or mathematics.

Recently we have been having a go with Descent. Nice game, but I give a big blow of my ass-trumpet for the tactical aspects. Or in other words, I do not like them very much, as they are boring and un-interesting. I do however enjoy the unprintable banter at the game table and imagining my morally challenged hero hitting shit with a stick in a cave. I guess I'm just that kind of a guy.

Taking about curing one shelf from fanboyism: Twilight 2013. A game I love to read and hate to play. Because, the ideas are in principle very interesting, but totally in-un-fuckably un-playable. If the structure of the book requires you to use all of your fingers plus cock as a bookmark while playing, even the most dense mouthbreather-just-evolved-to-ambulate-on-hind-legs True Finns of you would get the clue, right? Not me and my masochism. Would make a nicest computer game no-one but me would buy ever made, though. Anyway, we finished the campaign and it was like anally giving birth to a angry hedge-hog. Just, it was legal and shit.

The painful campaign with T2k13 made me reconsider my stances with game system 'Crunch' versus 'Freedom' and the Freedom just bodyslammed the Crunches crotch and I think it's going for a Kimura right now. I'm afraid my Crunch won't have a functioning elbow very long. Or then this is just a setup for a rear-naked choke and some prison rules fun, but either way: Crunch is fucked. Anyway, the next game I myself am going to GM, is going to be either something with Vuorela's Flow or some light retro-clone fun. It just is kinda sad that somehow I've lost my Gamers Asperger's required for memorizing and internalizing complicated monster systems. (Judging by the increasing Profanity Count, I may have switched it for Internet Tourette's.)

So consider me surprised that the campaign I'm currently playing is vanilla, honest-to-god-emperor, crunchy-ass Rogue Trader. And I even liked the convoluted character+ship+crew creation. But I think it is mainly because of the rich story the premise and pitch makes it possible to spin. We shall see how it plays. I think it goes the better the more our GM is willing to or is capable of to wing in in a credible and fun way.

Henkka, our GM had a promising start with his previous attempt at a Dark Heresy campaign, but the game stalled and died silently bleeding and possibly crying for mama for whatever reason. I just hope the GM has the stamina and creative balls to pull through this time as there is some real good shit lurking in the dark places of this campaign. Plus my machine-man Explorator is just that fucking cool. We actually have already played one session and I think imma even write some report or such shit in this blog about it.

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