Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gaming Outlook

So what is happening in my gaming life presently? Well there's Tommi's RQ Campaign (the same one we've been hacking at since before high-school) though the sessions we manage to get are sporadic at best and once-in-a-blue-moon at worst, and then there the mentioned-in-previous-blog-entries Henkka's Roque Trader that just got started. On board gaming front there's the Descent campaign with a bleak future indeed for us heroes and I think it is about to end soon. Then there's Toni's WH40k miniature campaign that I'm attending with my Space Wolves.

What do all of these have in common? A massive lack of get-together-time we suffer from, that's what, boss. Gone are the days we could game for hour after hour, day after day. We all have other things to do and other places to be. And that is good, 'cause it reduces the general inbredness that gaming-is-all-I-does crowds tend to foster amongst themselves. (And let me tell you that I do not miss the slack-yawed cousins of good gaming, Jim-Bob van Bickering and Sue-Ellen Obnoxious-Obsession. Not to talk about mr. Cletus B. O'Doure!) Because of the Ye Real Lyfe we have, we all have now more to bring to the gaming table than before, and I ain't talkin' about just fat, mistah.

So lack of common quality time is a fact, and it just must be dealt with. Bitching and moaning and twisting of arms is just going to alienate the players so that instead of a nice, relaxed past-time, the gaming becomes just another boring obligatory time sink, even though at first it would result in some more game time. I've experienced this with my WFRP campaign (being the bitcher, moaner and twister and my players being bitchees, moanees and twistees) and many others before, but I hope I've learned better now.

Next sunday we'll hopefully play some more of Henkka's Rogue Trader. The Sunday means Monday is just behind the corner and that means there'll be less booze and thusly, no after-gaming-shenanigans. But I am in the mood for excess, man! Compute, does this not, jefe! What to whip up?

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